Moving your business can feel like a nightmare. Business is interrupted. Files can be lost. Equipment might be damaged in the move. It feels like moving will be one big disaster that costs your business too much money. Let our professional commercial moving teams at B&B Moving & Storage. turn the nightmare into a dream experience. Our professionals are cooperative, attentive, and trained to handle business relocation effectively. We can set your mind at ease with a very firm cost estimate by one of our professionals who visits your site. From the first moment you call, you will talk to a real, live person. Our customer service representatives are bright and articulate. They can help you schedule a consultation and estimate for the moving job as well as answer your questions and concerns.

Our office moving professionals ensure that your relocation experience is completely seamless, allowing you to avoid any lost productivity, thanks to:

  • Comprehensive pre-move assistance & planning, including layouts, tagging & staff meetings,
  • Individual move instructions & worksheet to include contact names and numbers for additional boxes & labels.
  • Superior facility protection using wall boards, corner protectors, door pads, and floor protection

We provide hourly travel and material costs for moving and packing. (Note: be aware of any mover who fails to specifically internalize his costs and insists on presenting only his overall dollar cost). We provide you upfront price gurantee not to exceed.

Want us to Contact you for your moving requirement? Fill your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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