Danbury/Bethel Movers

Danbury/Bethel Movers

Trusted Movers in Danbury, CT

B&B Moving and Storage Company offers all kinds of relocation and storage facilites to the people of CT. We take both residential and commercial relocations. We are licensed by the Federal Highway Administration for interstate moving.

Whether you need to relocate locally or out of state, our crew makes your relocation experience smooth and relaxing. Our Danbury CT movers make sure you have a safe and happy relocation. Our Danbury movers have been serving customers to satisfaction for the last 33 years. We are registered, insured and licensed under the laws of Connecticut.

You can completely depend on B&B Moving and Storage for a safe and secure moving experience. The moving, whether intrastate or interstate is done with the same dedication and attention to detail. Our Danbury movers do everything from packing your belongings safely in the boxes and then loading them into the truck to unloading them at your new location. The furniture is double wrapped to avoid any accidental damage during the loading or unloading process and we also offer dumping services.

Our professional staff is trained to meet every situation with tactical solutions. Whether it is on the highways with the truck or in the process of loading and unloading, they know how to resolve the issues. Our drivers are well trained and licensed to drive large moving trucks on highways. They take safe routes and follow traffic regulations and limit speed to avoid any kind of accidents on the road. The safety of your belongings is our priority. For the last 33 years we have ensured our customers to be happy and satisfied, that is why we are considered as one of the most trusted movers in Danbury and you will not regret using us for your relocation.