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Long distance moves be it for any reasons commercial or residential, is not a cakewalk nor it is something which can be planned in a day. After all you are going to move hundreds or thousands of miles before you reach your destined location. Long distance moves are quite different since they involve covering larger distances than moving across within the towns. Unlike shorter moves it does require advance planning to ensure you get everything right at the first place. At BB Moving and storage, we are in the process of helping and assisting our customers with long distance moves as well as short distance moves since 1986.

We are considered as one of the most reliable moving and storage companies in Connecticut.
Our versatile experience makes us well versed with the relocation challenges generally our customers come across and we know how to make the moves seamless. To make sure your long distance move is done right at the first place, you should follow the below checklist and make the arrangements accordingly –

  • Prepare list of items being moved:
    You can check the items which you no longer require and can get rid of those items instead of making payments for them since the cost of a long distance move will depend on the number of items being moved. Initiate this process as early as possible, it will help you knowing exactly what items you’re moving so that you can prepare a good plan of action.

  • Consume perishable items:
    Perishable items can be avoided during long distance move. It would be better to consume those perishable items like: frozen food, fruits, liquid household cleaners and materials.

  • Planning in advance:
    Planning is one of the most important aspect while making any long distance move. You can easily minimize the inconvenience by packing those items first that you will use less frequently. For example: home decor, certain appliances. You can make list as per your everyday requirement.

  • Store packing supplies, including free moving boxes:
    Packing is critical task, ensure you have sufficient supplies at hand like moving boxes before you run out of any during the packing process. Keep sufficient stock at your disposal in case of any emergency.

  • Prepare essentials boxes separately:
    Preparing long distance move can be challenging for numerous reasons, especially when it comes to the little details that come along with it. When packing for a long distance move, you should always pack a few essentials boxes because they will help you survive the initial few days in your new home. ?For example: Some of the essentials you would require every day includes; toilet paper, soap, toothpaste,toothbrushes and personal care items. These items should be loaded in the last, and should be clearly labelled as these will be the items to be unpacked first. Label boxes as per the rooms in your new home and keep a record of it so that you can track it easily while unpacking it.

  • Moving with furniture:
    Every house has furniture pieces big as well as small. Hence, identify whether you should pay to have your furniture moved to another home location or not. Because there are times when purchasing new pieces of furniture upon arrival proves to be more cost-effective than paying for packing, loading, transportation and unpacking the furniture or decor pieces.

  • Do not pack forbidden items:
    Avoid carrying forbidden items like: flammable, corrosive or explosives. Dispose of them as it is not advisable to transport them.

  • Safety while packing:
    One of the tips which we always advise to our customers is ensuring the safety of prized valuables. ?Even if you have hired a professional mover, make sure you carry your valuables ?like jewellery with you to avoid losing it while relocating. Pack with safety in mind and few simple safety rules will help you a lot like:
    – Tape each side of the box properly and carefully.
    – Place few pieces of bubble wrap while packing fragile items. It will make it easier and safer to carry the items.
    – Do not forget to mention: “fragile”, “handle with care” on boxes that contain fragile items like crockery, glasses, kitchenware.

  • Labelling all your boxes:
    If you are making moving arrangements at your own, we would advise you to label all your moving boxes and maintain the records with you so it is easier for you to remember the contents within the boxes. It can easily help you in unpacking the important one’s required at priority and will help you save a lot of time.

  • Change of address:
    Before moving in to your new house, make sure to update the new postal address so that you can continue to receive your mail. Update the new address with your office, banks to make sure you do not miss on any information.

  • Making arrangement with professional movers:
    It is very important to consult professionals who hold expertise in the moving process. At BB moving and storage we assure to take care of all your belongings and providing a safer & secure move starting from packaging, loading and unloading. It is always advisable to make and confirm arrangements a few days before the move to confirm the details of the move (times, places, cost, etc.). We are currently serving across the entire East Coast and Midwest and we are licensed by the Federal Highway Administration. We are accredited as one of the best affordable movers in tri state area? of Connecticut trusted and valued by our customers.

To learn more about how we can help you in preparing your long distance move, we would advise you to get in touch with our team and talk to our experts who can understand your requirements and accordingly can offer a customised solution as per your requirements. You can talk to our experts at 203-740-1224.

We have been helping people move across the state or across the country since 1986. We hope this checklist helps you preparing your long distance move comfortable and relaxing one.

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