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Are you moving towards fulfilling your dream of owning a new office space for your growing enterprise?

If yes, then moving towards a new facility that offers more space and equipment for your specific needs is not an easy task. Whether you are moving to a location which is in the next block or you are relocating to far distant place, there would be times when you would wonder “Where you would store inventory or additional equipment, furniture, IT equipment, admin data, files and records etc before the facility becomes fully operational?  It will be a good idea to seek out additional storage solutions for the new location. And this can only be done when you organize and prepare your new office without any obstructions or clutter. A poorly managed office relocation done without planning can quickly result in a lot of hassle for employees as well as your clients. Moving to a new location not only brings physical but digital move as well accompanied with lot of stress.

So what steps should be taken and kept in mind that can help your business in a smooth transition:

  • Initiate planning process well in advance:
    When you are making a commercial move start planning at least 2-3 months in advance. Sooner the better! 
    Do proper check and analysis of what needs to be eliminated like equipment, furniture which may require replacement or repair. Advance planning will help streamline these logistic issues which may arise. 

  • Keep your staff informed:

Make sure to keep your staff informed in advance about the upcoming move so that they can manage planning and assignment of tasks at their level accordingly.

  • Maintenance of data and electronics

If your office has old employee laptops or electronics, make sure to either dispose it off safely so to protect the company’s data and prevent damaging the environment through e-waste. You can also erase personal data from the electronic items.  You can also store old records and documents for legal purposes; you may want to archive important files for future reference.

  • Secure your belongings:

If you have valuable items make sure to secure them properly and provide access to authorized personnel in the team only. Have your IT team enabled in advance so that they can ensure setting up of IT space securely without any issues.

  • Keep informed:

If your core business involves servicing clients remotely, let customers know that you may be a bit slower returning emails or answering phones during the moving period. This ensures uninterrupted client support without moving distractions.

  • Make a list of items you will be moving first:

During the analysis of your office items, divide items between essentials and non essentials. Move lighter or non non-essential items first to your new office space. Equipment and furniture which are important for everyday operations should stay in place until moving day arrives.

  • Optimize storage space:

Utilize the office space properly so as to make more space in your new office. This will help you cut on the overhead costs. This can be done by studying the floor plan in detail before moving. This will give your admin a fair idea of how the placement of equipment, furniture, and inventory has to be done.

  • Update office address:

Update your office address to all your vendors, clients, website, Google business accounts, and social media accounts. It will make it easier for your customers, clients to contact you. 
Inform your clients to update your new contact information in their systems so payments are made to you on your new office address.

  • Label your boxes properly:

Label your boxes on the top and sides so you can locate them very carefully. You can also paste or write on the boxes “fragile items” so to avoid any damage while transporting. 

  • Properly pack computers and cables:

Best way to deal with packing process is to start removing all the cables from computers one at a time. Put them together and write properly which computer they belong to. This will make identification very easy and convenient. 

  • Hiring a professional company:

If you are planning to hire professional mover’s expert then you should get in touch with them in advance. Take quotes from various service providers near your location and check the insurance & travel policies accordingly. It would be advisable to hire professional movers who would insure the move with all your belongings. Be sure to take care of all the perishable items instead of moving them along. 

No one ever said moving was fun or easy, but with sufficient advance planning you can minimize stress, logistical hassles without disruption of routine services to your clients.

Trust the Expert Movers in Connecticutfor your next commercial move for peace of mind and security. When you rely on a moving and storage company with tremendous experience for commercial moves, you can expect unmatched customer service and smart solutions. BB moving and storage boasts of such unmatched services in the industry and also provide hourly costs for packing and moving.  We take care of the entire moving process right from the planning stage so you can focus on getting your business up and running in a timely manner without affecting your operations and executions. 

For last minute consultation with our team you can call on 203-740-1224, or chat directly with our representatives on our website. We would be happy to serve you to the best of our ability without causing you any worry or stress. Be assured as we are there to help you.

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