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We at B&B moving and storage have been successfully helping people in Connecticut to relocate for the past 33 years. We offer our services throughout East Coast and Midwest at a very reasonable and competitive price. BB Moving and Storage Company is family owned and is operated with thorough highly qualified professionals. Our moving crew is efficient and will ensure that your relocation process is smooth and comfortable. We are the leading relocation services in Connecticut.

All our staff whether packers or drivers work efficiently and arrive on time. Our packers pack your belongings with care and load them onto the truck safely. Whether your need is for pack and move to a new location or to store your belongings with us for a temporary period, our personalized programs are at your service.

We are a licensed interstate moving service and we offer our services throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Our professional crew that consists of packers and drivers ensure safety of your belongings while packing, loading, driving and unloading.

Our packing service for moving follow all the safety guidelines and make sure you get your entire items in perfect condition. Your possessions are kept in very safe and sanitized facilities for storage. All our facilities are professionally maintained as per standard industry regulations.

We offer Moving and storage services in Connecticut at a very reasonable and affordable price. We understand our customers’ needs and work towards their satisfaction. All the members of our crew are professionally trained and have good knowledge of what they are doing. Our systematic way of doing our job saves lot of time and money for you. Make us part of your relocation process to have a convenient and secured moving experience. All your concerns regarding the relocation process will be addressed adequately. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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