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As a moving and storage company, we truly understand your apprehensions about how moving to a different location can be overwhelming as well as a stressful experience. Right from choosing the time when you would like to move to deciding what items you should actually move along requires a lot of planning. Moreover, it is not an easy affair, the farther you move, the more expensive it becomes.

Whether you are planning a long distance move or a short distance move with a stringent budget at hand, here are our few tips which can help you meet your budget requirements.

  1. Organization?:
    Why to wait for the last minute when you can start planning in advance, at least a month in advance. Plan your move much before your moving date, organize all your essential belongings as it will help you with an estimation of the items which you will be actually moving.
  2. Prepare list for supplies:
    Preparing list will help you save money by not buying more supplies than you need.
  3. Take quotes and compare:
    Make sure you talk to moving and storage company in advance regarding the services you require and compare those services. This will let you have the clarity on the services being utilized and expenses against each of them.
  4. Discard the belongings you don’t require any more:
    The more stuff you move, the more your move will cost to you. So cut as much as possible from your move. Anything that is broken and or is outdated and you won’t require can be avoided for your new home. It can be either sold or disposed.
  5. Reduce the weight of the items you are planning to move:
    Moving a lot of heavy stuff will also make your move more expensive. It’s worth considering whether selling heavy items like cooking grills, kitchen appliances is less expensive than moving the items. Replace some of the larger appliances and furniture by purchasing newer models when you arrive at your new home.
  6. Do your own packing:
    If possible take out time and do packing on your own as it can help you save money.
  7. Don’t ship your car if possible as it can add a significant amount to the cost of your move:
    If possible drive down with your family in your car instead of shipping it across as it can add a lot to your expenses.
  8. Check for Offers / Discounts:
    Because of high demand during the holiday season, moving companies may increase the prices. Plan your move accordingly and see to it if there are any discount promotions running on the moving company website or talk to a sales representative of the company, they may be able to help you better with discounts.
  9. Save money by exploring moving options through word of mouth marketing:
    Talk to your family and friends and discuss affordable options. Friends or relatives might offer a suggestion based on a first-hand experience with a long distance moving company.
  10. Read the contract documents carefully:
    During the finalization stage with your long distance moving company make sure to read all the hidden fees and charges if there are any as it may add to our costs.
  11. Ship your things
    You can also plan to ship some of your stuff through services like FedEx to your final destination.
  12. Getting free boxes
    Instead of buying boxes from a retailer, visit grocery stores to collect the boxes that they would normally recycle. It might be of great help to you.

With proper planning you can surely cut back on the expense of moving.
At the same time, you can also beat the stress of organizing everything as choosing a long distance moving company will help you ease your moving stress. Fortunately, we at BB moving and storage are here with our extensive network in different locations where we are highly recognised as Milford movers, Richfield movers, Southbury movers and many more helping you in your relocation process.

If you are a resident of Connecticut and tri state area and you are planning residential orcommercial move  . Get in touch with our sales team over the call- 203-740-1224 and let us help you in a move within our budget.

Have a happy moving and within the budget of your choice.

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