Every year marks record-breaking moves from one location to another irrespective of the timings, season in the United States. It becomes truly magical when such moves are executed seamlessly, smoothly without any issues or hassles. Sounds interesting? Right. But is it possible to have a seamless relocation? Yes, it is. All you have to do is just plan properly and keep in mind a few important things one of those being hiring the right professional movers.

But even after taking so many precautions chances are minor teething issues might occur. The best way to deal with such unforeseen issues is to make sure you are continuously informed about every step which is being taken by your moving company. Here are a few ways which can be helpful and you can ensure you hire the right and best moving company for your long-distance  or short distance move :

  • Inventory Estimation
    Professional movers are very well versed with the minute details that need to be taken care of. Henceforth, when you are dealing with such a professional and experienced moving company you will notice that they will take note of all the items and belonging at your home into their inventory checklist. This is typically done in advance to for seamless execution and to determine the weight which will give you an idea of cost estimation.

    A major component of the pricing will be based on the weight of your belongings and the space your goods take up. Make sure to understand this estimate in detail and accurately.


  • Costing
    Professional and reputable movers won’t demand a hefty cash amount in advance. You should check the pricing policy of the movers before finalizing the agreement. If you will pay the full amount in advance, you will have no choice and control over the process of moving. Cross-check in advance the moving supplies which are being provided and if costing are separately specified.

  • Moving company location and address
    Before agreeing with the moving company, be sure to check the local address of the company, its reputation, online reviews, and user complaints if any. Check if the company holds a federal license and is authorized. You can also call on their office numbers as well to check and verify the details and learn more about their operations.


  • Detailed understanding and planning before the move
    A well planned professional mover will be inquisitive in asking queries about your plans and will take note of every single detail. Be sure to inform the movers which items you won’t require so that unwanted items can be offloaded and costing can be planned accordingly. Items that you do not require could be sold, donated or resale.


  •  Check References
    Check with your movers for their client’s references. You can get in touch with their clients to learn more about their experiences and feedback.


  •  Avoid packing costs
    You may get your costing going up if the packing is done by the movers themselves. We will advise if you can pack your belongings. If you decide to have the movers pack your stuff, let them make a checklist and ensure the detailed layout of where specific belongings are kept.

  •  Moving contract
    Before getting into an agreement, get everything noted in writing from the movers. All the expenses and extra fees with taxes should be listed properly by the moving company with the delivery pick up date, delivery date, and address locations to avoid any unforeseen issues. Your movers should explain to you all the costing with no hidden terms and conditions including costs.


  • Report any problems
    When you reach your destination check for any damage and immediately report to your moving company to claim damages as per the company insurance policy. Every company holds a policy for the number of days they can accept the responsibility.

  •  Insurance
    All moving companies are required to provide insurance for their belongings. Make sure the company you hire for your moving process has insurance policy well in place.  Read all the insurance-related documents carefully.

When you plan to relocate and you are looking forward to hiring a moving company, keep these points in your mind. They will be helpful for you while taking decisions. Something as simple as maintaining a checklist at your end can help you save a lot of time and effort. 

All we wish for you is that you hire the best moving company near your locationwhenever you plan to move. With so many moving companies around, it is important to thoroughly cross-check and verify before signing them responsibility for your move. If you are residing in Connecticut and tri-statelocations and are eagerly looking for Stamford movers, Ridgefield movers or New Haven moverswe can readily be available to meet your moving requirements. There are other locations as well where we offer services. You can learn more about it and can have a detailed view of the same by visiting the location section on the homepage of our website. At the same time, you can also chat with our representatives for an instant solution to your queries related to quotes, locations, team and the types of move you might be interested in.

At BB moving and storage, you can be completely assured of the safe and sound move as we are licensed and are authorized for interstate moving throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Our team follows all moving guidelines and ensures the delivery of your belongings in perfect condition. We work as per the standard norms of the industry and all services provided are professionally handled by experts. We are affordable movers and guarantee the timely delivery of the requested services without any delays. You can learn more about our client’s experience and their feedback on our website. We assure you of the best and comfortable moving experience which you will rejoice and cherish. Our intent is purely focused on providing quality services within the outlined budgets.

We always wish you the best moving experience towards the new beginning of your life.

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